‘People should be informed about Nipah symptoms’

Chikkamagaluru Deputy Commissioner K.N. Ramesh instructed officers of the Health and Family Welfare Department to be on alert in the wake of Nipah infection reports in Kerala. The DC held a meeting with officers in Chikkamagaluru on Tuesday.

“People should be informed about the symptoms of the infection which is transmitted to humans through animals like bats. There is a need for an awareness campaign on the infection,” he said.

District Surveillance Officer Manjunath said the infection was first traced in Malaysia in 1998. In 2001, it was found in 66 people in West Bengal and among them, 45 succumbed. Later, cases had been reported at different times. Many people have lost their lives to Nipah virus. “The symptoms of the infection include fever, giddiness, tiredness, similar to any other viral infection initially. As its impact on the body increases, the patient may lose consciousness. Symptoms last between six and 16 days. Early diagnosis and proper medical care are necessary,” he said.


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