People suffering from epilepsy need care and sympathy, Epilepsy Day will be celebrated on Thursday. People suffering from epilepsy need care and sympathy, Awareness Day will be celebrated on Thursday

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Epilepsy is not a disease of any kind of untouchability or infection. Instead of getting an epileptic patient treated, he needs to be treated by a specialist doctor. Apart from medicine, people suffering from this disease also need care and sympathy. But due to some myths related to epilepsy, people often distance themselves from the person suffering from it. Every year, National Epilepsy Day is celebrated on 17 November with the aim of bringing awareness among the people.

Chief Medical Officer Dr. Archana Srivastava says that epilepsy is a medical problem, which has nothing to do with ghosts and witchcraft. It is a disease that affects the nervous system. Whether the patient suffering from this will be healthy or not depends on the condition of the disease, because the symptoms may be different in each patient. In some cases, the patient becomes completely healthy, while in some the control of the disease can be found through better care and treatment.

Patient needs support

Dr. VP Shakya, Nodal Officer of NCD (Non-Communicable Diseases) explains that the cooperation of society and family is needed with the epilepsy patient. Such an environment should be developed that his mind remains good. Dr. Shakya told to have normal behavior with an epileptic patient. He told that if someone has epilepsy, never leave him alone. Also said that if epileptic attack comes, first of all don’t panic.

Do not create an overcrowded environment and keep the patient in a calm and open environment. Remove those things from the surrounding, due to which there is a possibility of injury. Then put a pillow under the head and remove the clothes due to which the patient is having difficulty in breathing. Now make the patient lie down on any side, left or right. Keep in mind that the patient should not take the back. Keep cleaning the foam coming out of the mouth (sputum) or vomit, so that there is no problem in breathing. After that, when the condition becomes normal, you should come to the doctor and take treatment.

symptoms of epilepsy

semiconscious patient

froth at the mouth

blue lips and face

cut tongue


have a headache


due to brain weakness

severe brain injury



Patient should be avoided from swimming, driving, working on dangerous machines

Regularly taking medicine and taking doctor’s advice

Don’t stay empty stomach, don’t consume alcohol etc.

Get enough sleep of seven to eight hours.

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