People used to taunt Mithun Chakraborty’s son Namashi: used to say- If you are a starkid then you would have got things very easily

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Mithun Chakraborty’s younger son Namashi Chakraborty recently made his Bollywood debut with the film ‘Bad Boy’. If the actor is to be believed then being a star kid is not easy at all. Recently during a special conversation with Dainik Bhaskar, Namashi revealed that he was bullied in school during his childhood.

He was taunted for being lucky. During the conversation, he also shared a few more things related to his debut film, professional life. Here are some key excerpts from the conversation:

I gave my nod for the film within 5 minutes:

Full credit of the film will be given to Rajji (Rajkumar Santoshi), he found my looks like ‘bad boy’ (laughs) however the story of this film is very romantic and simple which you can watch with your whole family. As soon as our producer called me for this film, I immediately agreed. I remember he told me that ‘Namashi is a film and the director is there, come let’s meet’.

I went to meet him and saw Rajji sitting there, met him, had a conversation and within 5 minutes Rajji said ‘yes, you are my hero’. At that time I just listened to him, without knowing the character or the story, agreed.

have had a very filmy childhood

I am aware of this industry since childhood, the whole family is associated with the film industry. I have always been around superstars. We lived in Ooty, where Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan, Aamir Khan, Akshay Kumar, Ajay Devgan used to come to Papa’s hotel. Karan Johar’s first film ‘Kuch Kuch Hota Hain’ was also shot in Ooty, he also used to stay in our hotel. Have had a very filmy childhood. I was born to be a superstar.

However, things change when he decides to become an actor. Creating your own identity is not easy. No matter why you are associated with this industry, although it is not at all easy to make a name for yourself in it. I had to start from zero.

Apart from acting, I never thought of any other profession.

My family members understood even before I could speak that I would become an actor because I am obsessed with films. I am interested not only in Hindi films but in cinema from all over the world. Yes, I have also given my 9 years as a writer. But apart from acting, I never thought of anything.

Papa gave a surprise on the set on the first day of the shoot

On the first day of the film’s shoot, I was excited but also nervous because Rajji was on the sets. It was very challenging to live up to their expectations. Obviously he would like his perfect shot on the first day. We were also scolded a lot. However, the best part of the day was papa surprising me on the sets. I was trying to understand my dialogue and saw some known person standing wearing a cap.

What can be more important than father coming on the set like this? In my childhood, kids used to bully me in school. Many people ask me that if you are a star kid then you must have got things very easily. But the reality is completely different from this. I think we star kids have to face criticism since childhood. Even when I used to go to school, people used to think that he is a star kid, so he will get everything easily. Many children used to bully me. People used to call me lucky, blessed. I was taunted for being lucky.

Whenever I used to say in school that I want to become an actor, I would get the answer that what else can you do? And now that my film has been launched, obviously everyone will say that yes, he must have got it easily. Those people will not understand my pressure and struggle at all. Now we have to get used to living with these criticisms.

I gave many auditions without any recommendation

We shot this film during Kovid. We were very patient. For us, coming out of Kovid and reaching this point, the struggle was different. Earlier I gave many auditions without recommendation or adding my surname (Chakraborty). I used to go as a common boy and then I realized how common I can become if I remove Chakraborty from Namashi. I got my first film also on my merit.

Watched Papa’s ‘Prem Pledge’ many times

In general, I would say no to the remake immediately, though I have seen Papa’s film ‘Prem Pratigya’ opposite Madhuri Dixit many times. I think even in today’s era that film can be considered contemporary. If I get a chance, I will be a part of it.

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