People will get relief from low-voltage, construction will start as soon as land is available. Proposal was sent to 29 sub-centres under recamp scheme

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Proposal was sent to 29 sub-centres under recamp scheme

The green signal has been given to build 8 new power substations in Rae Bareli. After months of protests over electricity, a letter was written by the district administration to set up a new power sub-station. About Rs 30 crore will be spent for the construction of these sub-centres.

At present there are 54 power sub-stations in the district. More than 5 lakh consumers get electricity in these sub-centres. Most of the sub-stations are overloaded.

Due to low-voltage, more than 50 thousand people have to face it. The problem of low voltage persists even in this summer, on which relief is now being estimated.

The matter of taking the recap plan on the ground is coming to the fore, under this scheme, the green signal has been given to build 8 new power sub-stations. The Superintending Engineer of Power Corporation has sent letters to the district administration to provide land for the construction of sub centers.

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The construction of new power sub-stations will reduce the burden of old power sub-stations. The villages connected with the old power substations will be connected to the new substation. This will give relief to the people from the problem of low voltage and fault coming in the line.

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Villages have been identified for the construction of 8 power sub-stations, but where land is available, they will be constructed there. Sub-centres have been identified for construction in Maugarvi of Bachhrawan area, Gangaganj in Harchandpur, Rajghat in Sadar tehsil area, Raipur Mehri, Purva Pidaur, Payagpur in Unchahar area, Thularai and Ambara village of Lalganj tehsil area. Sub-centres will be constructed around these villages where land will be made available by the administration.

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YN Ram, Superintending Engineer, Division II said, “Proposal has been sent for the construction of 29 power substations under the 66 Recamp Plan Scheme. In this, the green signal has been given for the construction of 8 substations. The construction will be started.”

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