PepsiCo to invest Rs 1,071 crore, will soon be given 45 acres of land PepsiCo to invest Rs 1,071 crore, will soon be given 45 acres of land

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Super mega investment has started on the land acquired by Gorakhpur Industrial Development Authority (GIDA) for industrial corridor near Gorakhpur Link Expressway. GIDA has started the process of allotting 45 acres of land to M/s Varun Beverages, the second largest bottling unit of the world renowned PepsiCo Company for setting up the unit. The land allotment letter will be handed over to the company in the coming 7 days.

M/s Varun Beverages will invest Rs 1071.28 crore here. The construction work for setting up the unit will also be started soon by the company. About 1500 people will also get employment from this super mega investment.

M/s Varun Beverages had sought 60 acres of land
GIDA Chief Executive Officer (CEO) GIDA Pawan Agrawal said, 60 acres of land on behalf of PepsiCo’s bottling unit M/s Varun Beverages in village Narkataha, notified area of ​​GIDA for industrial corridor near Gorakhpur Link Expressway. was done.

The company will manufacture carbonated soft drinks, beverage based syrups, packaged drinking water, juice drinks, milk based drinks, value added dairy products, etc. at the unit set up here. According to the intention of the government, under the fast track land allotment process, the allotment letter of 45 acres of land will be issued to the company in the first phase by GIDA in the next seven days.

10 thousand people will get employment
In fact, approval has also been given to set up plastic park and flatted factory in GIDA for employment generation through industrial development. With the coming of these two in the tangible form, 10 thousand people will also get employment.

Not only this, GIDA received investment proposals of about Rs 2,000 crore in the third ground breaking ceremony (JBC) of the Yogi government. Many entrepreneurs have also started construction of factories. This will provide employment to more than 4 thousand people.

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