Perfume Day Today; All You Need to Know About Third Day of Anti-Valentine’s Week 2022

Anti-Valentine’s Week 2022: February 17 is commemorated as Perfume Day, three days after Valentine’s Day. The Perfume Day observed on February 17 (this year it falls on a Wednesday) need not be confused with the International Perfume Day or Fragrance Day which is celebrated on March 21 every year all over the globe.

Anti-Valentine’s Week is commemorated from February 15, right after February 14; and Perfume Day is celebrated on the third day of the anti-romantic week. Kick day, slap day are some of the other days that comprise Anti-Valentine’s Week.

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On Perfume Day, let’s know the significance behind this occasion.

As they say, “You are never fully dressed without perfume.” Perfume holds a crucial place in our way of being. You are reminded of fond memories of loved ones associated with a certain smell or fragrance. Perfumes leave an everlasting impression on our memories. It rings in a freshness along with a sense of identity, a familiarity that has a special place in paving the way for love. Researchers suggest memories and smell are closely interlinked.

After all, ‘Perfume is a story in odor, sometimes poetry in memory’.

Be it a warm, woody, oriental, floral, fruity misty, or citrus scent, perfumes exude a wonderful vibe and give a pleasurable sensual experience. It simply adds that finishing touch to your expression of love in an elegant manner. It inspires, evokes the passion, and at the same time acts as a signature to one’s personality.

Get drenched in the delightful scent of perfumes and feel the love of this Perfume Day.

After the Love Week, this day ushers in great joy and helps spread love and positivity in one of the most beautiful, romantic ways. Honoring the perfume day calls for treating oneself (or your loved ones) in the best possible way. Just the way fragrance infuses a feel-good factor, devoting time to oneself also helps boost one’s mood.

Though the origin of this day is unknown, there’s no harm in letting your choicest scent transport you back in time and uplift your mood. You may gift your near and dear ones their favorite perfumes this Perfume Day and make them feel special.

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