Petrol Diesel LPG Cylinders Price Hike; Congress Workers Protest in Uttar Pradesh Gorakhpur | Congressmen performed uniquely; Someone lifted the cylinder on the head, someone pushed the bike

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GorakhpurOne hour ago

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Congressmen in Gorakhpur on the issue of inflation.

  • Congress workers shout anti-government slogans
  • Clash broke out when police stopped, workers sitting on dharna

In protest against the rising prices of petrol-diesel and gas cylinders, on Thursday, Youth Congress workers in Gorakhpur demonstrated at Chetna Tiraha. If someone was walking with the cylinder raised on his head, someone pushed his bike and expressed his opposition. During this time, activists kept protesting with anti-government posters in hand. In the presence of the police-administration, the workers trying to reach the town hall were stopped there. Angry workers sat there on dharna.

BJP will not return to power, hence hoarding

During this, District President of Youth Congress, I.N. Abhijeet Pathak Shanu said that prices of petrol and diesel are increasing day by day. A few days ago, the prices of LPG were also increased. The central government is not worried about the poor and the youth. Sri Lanka buys gas and sells it at Rs 57 per liter. Here the price of oil is going beyond 100. The government is thinking that they will not come to power again, so do as much hoarding. This is a case of straight hoarding.

He said that Chetna was to go from Tiraha to Townhall, but the government does not know from the youth what fear they have been stopped. Today, the price of petrol and diesel is less than half the price per barrel. Despite this, prices are skyrocketing.

If you do not agree then action will be taken

City Magistrate Abhinav Ranjan Srivastava said that some youth Congress workers were going for the demonstration carrying bikes and cylinders. There is no permission from the administration of any such demonstration, so these people have been stopped here. It is being explained to them that if these people want to give any kind of memorandum, they can give it. He said that his talk will be elevated. He said that if these people do not believe, then further legal action will be taken.


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