Phone number wrong or phone switch-off in the list sent by the central government, there has been one death due to monkeypox in the country so far. In the list sent by the central government, the phone number is wrong or closed, there has been one death due to monkeypox in the country so far. Kanpur

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  • In The List Sent By The Central Government, The Phone Number Is Wrong Or Closed, There Has Been One Death Due To Monkeypox In The Country So Far. Kanpur

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After the first death in the country from monkeypox, there has been a stir in the health department of the city. This is because the department has been able to contact only 118 people out of about 432 people who return to the city from monkeypox affected countries. Apart from this, neither the Rapid Response Team has been able to contact the remaining 314 people nor the Kovid Control Center. The addresses and phone numbers written in the list which came from the central government are either wrong or switched off. So far eight cases of monkeypox have been reported in the country and out of these, one patient has died.

The phone listed in the list is off and the address is also wrong.
CMO Dr Alok Ranjan said, “Our teams are trying to contact all the addresses and numbers but till now no success has been achieved. The number is either off or abroad. The people to whom our team has also spoken, they have either come to Kanpur and left for Delhi or Mumbai. More than half of the people are yet to be traced. The addresses of many people in the list are also written wrong.

One has died so far
Let us tell you that a suspected youth has died in Thrissur city of Kerala due to monkeypox. The facts that have come to light after his death are frightening. In the investigation, the monkeypox virus has been confirmed even after the death of that young man. The youth died on Saturday and had recently returned to the country from the United Arab Emirates. Monkeypox-like symptoms were found in the young man.

Whose delay in this?
The names, addresses and phone numbers given in the list sent by the central government to the state government were all wrong. In such a situation, who will be blamed for this, it will be a matter to be seen.

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