Physical filing of cases can be done in Allahabad High Court from today, Chief Justice ordered | Physical filing of cases can be done in HC from June 21, Chief Justice ordered

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The Allahabad High Court has given a big relief to the advocates and litigants on Friday. Now the facility of physical filing of cases in the High Court will start from Monday. However, the court has not yet issued an order for the physical hearing. Till now e-filing of cases was being done. There was a lot of trouble in this.

Allahabad High Court Registrar Protocol Ashish Kumar Srivastava has said in a letter issued to the High Court Bar Association that on the orders of the Chief Justice, it has been decided to start the physical filing of cases from Monday. Now advocates will not have to do e-filing of cases.

High Court Bar Association welcomed the decision

Amarendra Nath Singh, President of Allahabad High Court Bar Association has welcomed this decision of the High Court. He said that the High Court Bar Association had written a letter to the Chief Justice in this regard, seeking physical hearing and filing. Several other advocates had also sought this effect. Senior advocate Vijay Chandra Srivastava had also written a letter to E-Committee chairman DY Chandrachud regarding this matter and demanded physical hearing and physical admission of cases.

Advocate Shravan Tripathi of the High Court says that there were many problems regarding online filing and online physical hearing. First thing not every lawyer has all the facilities at home. Not everyone has access to computers, scanners and WiFi. In such a situation, a lot of problem was being faced. Many times the net was getting slow during the online hearing. At least physical filing will make paper work easier.

The demand for open court also gained momentum, now hearing in only 16 benches

After this order of the Chief Justice, now advocates are demanding hearing of cases in open court. At present, only 16 out of 56 benches in the High Court are hearing only urgent matters. A large number of cases filed months ago are waiting to be heard. Due to this the pendency of cases is increasing.

Lawyers say that virtual hearings have not been successful at all. Sometimes the computer link is not available at all. Due to this the whole day of advocates and litigants is being wasted. Now following the Kovid protocol, hearing should be started in open courts.

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