Pinch of former cricketer on Virat: Farukh Engineer said- How can a beautiful wife go into depression

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  • The Former Wicketkeeper Batsman Reacted To Virat Kohli’s Depression And Said Your Wife Is So Beautiful, So How Can You Go Into Depression

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Former Indian selector Sarandeep Singh had also recently commented on this cricket couple. He had said that Virat-Anushka is very polite. There is not a single servant in his house. -File photo

Farooq Engineer, who was the wicketkeeper of Team India, has commented on the Indian captain Virat Kohli in a funny manner. In a recent interview to a sports website, the 83-year-old engineer said, “Your wife is so beautiful, how can you go into depression?” Virat recently said that he had gone into depression during his 2014 tour of England.

The engineer further said, ‘You have become a father. In such a situation, you have many reasons to thank God. Depression is the thinking of western countries. All of us Indians live in a situation where we can avoid depression. Our mental state is also very good.

Farooq-Anushka had a war of words before
This is not the first time that Farooq Engineer has commented on Virat and Anushka. During the World Cup in England in 2019, there was also a verbal war between Anushka and Engineer. The engineer had then said that during the World Cup in England, the selectors were engaged in Anushka’s sake, serving them tea.

Virat had said- such a time comes in the life of every batsman
Virat recently said, ‘touring England (2014) was extremely difficult for me personally. I was in depression. It seemed to me that I would not be able to score runs. It was a very bad feeling. One such phase comes in the life of all batsmen. Then there is nothing in your control. I was feeling alone. I was wondering if anyone would understand me or not. I was not feeling sleepy. I had lost confidence. ‘

Kohli had scored at an average of 13.50 in 10 innings of five Tests at that time. However, after that he returned and batted brilliantly.

Inspired by Team India of 1990, Virat came out of depression
Kohli had told that 1990 team India helped him a lot in getting out of depression. He said, ‘Whenever I miss the team of 90s, I understand what to do. I saw Team India winning many matches. Then I came to believe that believing in myself also leads to magical things. If a person is determined, he can change it. It was here that showed me the way to move forward. The passion to play for the country grew from here only.

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