Plans afoot for a makeover of the mini tribal museum

Efforts on to collect more artefacts showcasing rich tribal heritage, says curator

The mini-tribal museum housing an array of tribal artefacts and other objects of paramount cultural significance in Telangana’s Adivasi heartland and the famous temple town of Bhadrachalam is poised for a makeover.

Plans are afoot to upgrade the mini-museum located at the YTC centre on the premises of the Integrated Tribal Development Agency (ITDA) headquarters building under the aegis of the Regional Centre of the Tribal Cultural Research and Training Institute (TCR&TI), ITDA sources said.

The expansion of the range of exhibits and creation of separate galleries at the mini museum among other measures were envisaged under an ambitious plan to showcase the diverse cultural traditions, traditional wisdom and rich heritage of aboriginal tribes.

An amount of ₹ 10 lakh has been sanctioned to upgrade the infrastructure at the mini-museum, sources added. Efforts are on to collect more tribal artefacts from the tribal areas of the State and also from the neighbouring Andhra Pradesh and Chhattisgarh to expand the range of exhibits at the mini-museum, curator of the mini-museum Veeraswamy said.

The facility currently has an array of exhibits, including the traditional musical instruments, agricultural implements, bamboo-based handicrafts of both utility and decorative value, among others, Mr. Veeraswamy noted.

The mini-museum should be relocated to the children’s park at the entrance of the temple town near the bridge across the Godavari river to enhance its visibility and attract more visitors, suggested Adivasi Samkshema Parishad ( ASP) coordinator M. Nehru.

Such a move would help the travellers passing through the temple town stretch of the National Highway 30 make a quick stop to catch a glimpse of the eco-friendly lifestyle of tribal communities, their symbiotic relationship with nature, unique customs, vibrant festivals and traditional wisdom, he added.

This will provide the much needed impetus to promote and conserve the glorious cultural heritage of Adivasis.

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