PlayStation 5 Shipments Surpass 30 Million, But Finding One At Retail Price Remains Tricky

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Last Updated: January 20, 2023, 13:49 IST

Buying a PS5 offline remains as difficult as ever. (Image: Sony)

Finding a PS5 console at retail price remains difficult in offline markets across India, with retailers in the market citing lack of official supply and ‘black market’ sales as reasons for the scarcity.

In New Delhi’s Gaffar Market, a wide range of items can be found at various price points, but one item remains elusive: the PlayStation 5. Despite the console’s launch in India nearly two years ago, it is still difficult to buy at its retail price. Though availability has improved with 30 million units officially sold according to Sony, the question remains as to why the PS5 cannot be easily purchased at its retail price.

To gain insight, we visited Gaffar Market, located near Karol Bagh, to speak with some of Delhi’s largest offline video games retailers. Two primary questions were asked: when can consumers expect the PS5 to be readily available and what is the reality of the alleged ‘black market’ sales that have been affecting the community since launch.

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Additionally, we asked them why one should choose to purchase offline rather than online—on some of the most popular ecommerce websites.

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