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PM Modi to Spend 9 Hrs in Indonesia for Back-to-back Summits Before Returning in Time for Biden at G20 – News18

PM Narendra Modi will take off for Jakarta on the night of September 6 and arrive in Jakarta at 3 am IST on September 7. (Image: News18/File)

PM Narendra Modi will be attending the 20th ASEAN-India as well as the 18th East Asia summits in Jakarta, where he will be staying for less than 23 hours in one of his shortest-ever foreign trips

In one of his shortest-ever foreign trips, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will spend less than 23 hours at Jakarta in Indonesia, and will return home in time for three major bilateral meetings on September 8, including one with US President Joe Biden.

Out of the 23 hours for the trip, nearly 14 hours will be the flying time to Jakarta and back. The prime minister will take off for Jakarta on Wednesday night and will spend around seven hours in the flight before he arrives in Jakarta at 3 am IST on September 7 (Thursday).

After a short rest, he will leave for the venue of the ASEAN-India Summit at 7 am IST, following which he will take part in the East Asia Summit at 8.45 am IST.

Immediately after this meeting, Prime Minister Modi will depart for the airport and fly to India at 11.45 am IST and land in Delhi around 6.45 pm IST – this means he will spend less than nine hours in Jakarta.

Biden is also arriving in India around 7 pm on September 8. On the same day, the PM will hold important bilateral meetings with three countries, including one with the American president around 7.45 pm and another with Bangladesh PM Sheikh Hasina.

The all-important G20 Leaders Summit begins on September 9 and will end on September 10. On Wednesday, PM Modi took part in a meeting of the council of ministers as well as a cabinet meeting before noon. He also held back-to-back meetings till 7.30 pm before leaving for Jakarta.

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