PM Modi will inaugurate 9 medical colleges on July 30, such BJP will get benefit in UP politics | Inauguration will be held on 30th July, but politics starts regarding naming, know how BJP will benefit

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Opposition parties have accused the BJP of the politics of naming. – Old Photo

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will simultaneously inaugurate 9 new medical colleges of UP from Siddharthnagar on 30 July. The names of these medical colleges built in 9 districts of Uttar Pradesh have also been decided. However, now the politics has started regarding these names. The opposition parties are accusing the BJP of the politics of naming.

District Pratapgarh Medical College has been named after Apna Dal founder Sonelal Patel and it has been decided to name the affiliated hospital as ‘Raja Pratap Bahadur Chikitsalaya, Pratapgarh’. At the same time, the medical college built in Siddharthnagar has been named after the first state president of UP BJP, Madhav Prasad Tripathi. The medical college of Mirzapur will be named after ‘Maa Vindhyavasini’, while the newly established medical college at Ghazipur will be known as Maharishi Vishwamitra. Not only this, the new medical college to be built in Deoria will be named Maharishi Deorha Baba Medical College.

Sonelal Patel and Anupriya Patel.  Anupriya is a minister in the Modi government.  Sonalal is his father.

Sonelal Patel and Anupriya Patel. Anupriya is a minister in the Modi government. Sonalal is his father.

The story of politics behind the name

There is politics going on about some of the names of these new medical colleges built in the Yogi government. After all, what is the story behind it? Let me understand you.

  • Name: ‘Sonelal Patel Autonomous State Medical College.
  • Location- Pratapgarh.
  • The story behind the name The founder of ‘Apna Dal’, Sonelal Patel, is considered to be the biggest leader of (Kurmi caste) Patels in UP. The name is associated with the respect of the caste.
  • Influence in politics: Kurmi-Patel vote bank is up to 12 per cent in 16 districts of UP. It also includes Pratapgarh district.
  • With whom now: Apna Dal is currently with the BJP and it is believed that these naming will have its effect in 16 districts of Purvanchal.
  • Name: Late Madhav Prasad Tripathi Medical College.
  • Location: Siddharthanagar.
  • Story behind the name: Madhav Tripathi was the first state president of BJP. Along with this, he was recognized as the biggest leader of Brahmins in Purvanchal. Even today the respect of Brahmins is associated with the name of Madhav Tripathi.
  • Influence in politics: The Brahmin vote bank in UP is around 13%, and the influence is greater in Purvanchal.
  • With whom now: At present the Brahmin is with the BJP. In 2017, 80 percent of Brahmins had voted for the BJP, although there has been talk of resentment for some time.
  • Name: Veerangana Avanti Bai Lodhi Medical College.
  • Location- Etah.
  • The story behind the nameAvanti Bai Lodhi, the country’s first woman freedom fighter and martyr Veerangana, is a name of respect for the Lodhi caste in the entire UP society.
  • Influence in politics: The influence of Lodhi Samaj is the most in Etah, Agra and adjoining districts.
  • With whom now: Currently with BJP.
  • NameUmanath Singh Medical College.
  • Location- Jaunpur.
  • story behind the name– Umanath Singh was a BJP MLA for 2 times and was a prison minister in the BJP government. He is given martyr status in district Jaunpur and district hospital and now medical college have been named after Umanath Singh.
  • influence in politics The name of Umanath Singh has significance in many districts of Purvanchal. This will also affect Thakur vote bank.
  • with whom nowCurrently with BJP.
  • Name- Maharishi Vishwamitra Medical College.
  • Location– Ghazipur.
  • The story behind the name In ancient times, Gadhipuri was the capital of King Gadhi, the father of Maharishi Vishwamitra. Gadhipuri has a glorious past of its own. The ancient name of Ghazipur is said to be Gadhipuri. There has been a demand to change the name of Ghazipur in the BJP government. In such a situation, BJP wants to polarize here by changing the name of the district and renaming the medical college after Vishwamitra.
  • influence in politicsVishwamitra is associated with Ram so will affect Hindus.

With this, the government has decided to name the new medical college in Mirzapur after ‘Maa Vindhyavasini’. This is a Shakti Peeth. It is a big center of faith of lakhs of people of UP. It is clear that the story behind the name can be easily understood by the political politics of BJP.

Medical college ready in Mirzapur.

Medical college ready in Mirzapur.

SP said- BJP does politics in the name

Samajwadi Party spokesperson Abhishek Mishra claims that the Samajwadi Party had started the work of making all those medical colleges which are being inaugurated. BJP is just changing their names. Abhishek Mishra says that ever since the BJP came to power, it is only inaugurating the works of Akhilesh Yadav by renaming it.

Yogi said- Medical colleges in all the districts of UP in six months

CM Yogi said that from 1947 to 2016, there were only 12 government medical colleges in Uttar Pradesh. Whereas between 2017 and 2021, 32 new government medical colleges have been built in just four and a half years. Till now there are medical colleges in 59 districts. With the help of the central government and the state government’s own resources, a chain of medical colleges is being built in the state. There are 16 such districts like Maharajganj, Sant Kabirnagar, Mau, Ballia, which do not currently have a medical college, but here also the UP government will open a medical college on PPP model with the help of the central government.

PM to inaugurate Gorakhpur AIIMS in October

Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath said that the people of eastern Uttar Pradesh will get world class medical facilities. BRD Medical College was once the only major center of medical service in Purvanchal. Now there are medical colleges in Deoria, Basti, Siddharthnagar. Construction work has started in Kushinagar. AIIMS with world class medical facilities has also started serving in Gorakhpur. It will also be inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in October.

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