PM Praises Yogi Adityanath: “Double-Engine Government’s Double Benefits”

PM Modi launched a university in Aligarh named after a Jat icon.


Uttar Pradesh leads the way in development campaigns, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said today, praising Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath months ahead of the state elections as he launched a university named after a Jat icon in Aligarh.

“It gives me tremendous satisfaction that UP, which was once seen as a hindrance to the country’s development, is today leading the biggest development campaigns of the country,” the Prime Minister said at an event to mark the launch of Raja Mahendra Pratap Singh State University in Aligarh, about 150 km from Delhi. 

“Uttar Pradesh is increasingly emerging as a favourable destination for national and international investors. This happens when a conducive environment is nurtured… and necessary resources are provided. Today, Uttar Pradesh has become a shining example of (the) double benefit of double-engine government,” said PM Modi while counting the ruling government’s achievements and, at the same time, taking a swipe at rivals who have used the “double-engine” dig in the past to attack the BJP.

Accusing the former state leaders and ruling parties of corruption, he commented, “There was a time when only goons ruled the state. But now all extortionists, mafia leaders are behind the bars. People of UP can’t forget the scams that the state has seen… how corrupt people chosen for key roles.” 


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