PM’s “Family-Run Parties” Swipe At Chief Minister KCR On His Home Turf

New Delhi:

The struggle for Telangana was not for just one family to rule using all possible tactics, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said today taking aim at state chief minister K Chandrashekhar Raoย in Hyderabad. The country’s youth are not getting a chance in politics because of dynastic parties, he said.

“‘Pariwarwaadi’ parties only think about their own development. These parties do not care about the poor people, their politics is focused on how a single-family can stay in power and loot as much as they can. They do not have any interest in the development of people,” PM Modi said while addressing party workers.

He said family-based politics isย not just a political problem but the “biggest enemy of democracy” and the youth of our country. “Our country has seen how corruption becomes the face of those political parties dedicated to one family,” he said.


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