Police complaint against Kangana: Actress trapped by comparing agitating farmers to terrorists, lawyer accused of provoking people of the country

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12 minutes ago

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A police complaint has been registered against actress Kangana Ranot in Belagavi, Karnataka. Advocate of the city Harshvardhan Patil has lodged a complaint with the actress objecting to the social media post in which she compared the agitating farmers to terrorists. This complaint has been registered at the Tilakwadi police station in the city.

Lawyer’s charge – Kangana is provoking public against farmers

The lawyer has alleged that Kangana Ranot is inciting the people of the country against those farmers who are actually agitating for some reason. In a press conference on Monday, Patil told reporters that he asked the police against Kangana for sections 153, 153 (A), 503, 504, 505 (1), 505 (B), 505 (C) and 505 (2) Appealed to impose charge under.

Patil said that everybody has freedom of expression in the country, but it should not be misused. He also said that Kangana’s Twitter account should be banned. However, the police are yet to register an FIR. The lawyer says that if the police refuse to register an FIR in the future, they will knock the door of the court.

Kangana described agitating farmers as terrorists, Khalistani

In the same way, there are many more.Farmers have been agitating for the last 75 days against three agricultural laws made by the central government. Many farmer organizations across the country are participating in it. But Kangana Runot has used words like militant and Khalistani for agitating farmers in her social media posts. Not only this, she has also said that this movement is being funded from China and Pakistan.

Recently, when international pop singer Rihanna supported the peasant movement and asked why no one talks about it. Kangana then responded by writing to him, “Nobody is talking about this, because they are not terrorists, not farmers, who are trying to divide the country. So that China can take advantage of it and accumulate its authority, as it did Done in America. You are stupid, so shut up. We are not selling our country like you. “

A case was filed against Kangana in Karnataka even 4 months ago.

A case was filed against Kangana Ranot in Karnataka even 4 months ago. Still Kangana was accused of insulting the farmers by calling them terrorists. In fact, Kangana wrote in her social media post about the farmers who were opposing the agricultural laws, “Prime Minister, anyone who is sleeping can be woken up. One who has a misunderstanding can be explained. But the gold which Acting, acting silly, what difference will it make to you. These are the same terrorists. Not a single person has gone to citizenship from CAA, but they have shed rivers of blood. “

Following his post, Ramesh Nayak, a lawyer from Tumkur in Karnataka, complained against Kangana at Kyathasandra police station in the district. He filed an FIR against the actress under sections 153A (spreading hatred on the basis of religion, language, race), 504 (willful insult with intent to breach peace), 108 (instigating crime) against the actress and sought action. Had. After the hearing, a Judicial Magistrate First Class Court filed an FIR against the actress and directed the inquiry.


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