Police is engaged in the investigation, people are being identified on the basis of the video. Police engaged in investigation, people are being identified on the basis of video. Kanpur

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A youth returning from abroad sitting in a luxury car, firing.

These days, the picture and video of a young man wielding dozens of joyful firing and illegal weapons is becoming viral on social media. In this episode, another video surfaced on Wednesday, which is being told of Tuesday. Viral is not confirmed by Bhaskar. According to the information received, the video is being told of firing in happiness when the son of the owner of the famous Banarasi Sweets Bhandar of Kanpur returned from abroad. Police is investigating where the video is from and firing has been done at some place. Police is engaged in identifying the people on the basis of the video.

Firing while standing on top of car
It can be clearly seen in the video how a young man is standing outside the sunroof of the car and someone comes and wears him a garland of flowers and after that a man standing next to the young man standing in the car is seen loading a pistol and firing. indicates. The sound of drums and drums can also be heard clearly in the video.

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