Police searched the house of Angad Rai, close to Mukhtar; Questioning about Chanda in the police station. The house of Angad Rai, close to Mukhtar, was searched; Questioning about Chanda in the police station

Muhammadabad (Ghazipur)10 minutes ago

Regarding the Umesh Pal murder case, the UP police is looking for the shooters by forming separate teams. Putting raids on the locations. In this sequence, the police of several police stations of the circle, under the leadership of the Muhammadabad police officer, raided the homes of people with criminal background and contacts with the mafia. Along with searching there, some people were also questioned.

Please tell that under the leadership of CO Muhammadabad Hitendra Krishna, the joint force of Bhanwarkol, Karimuddinpur police station raided Angad Rai’s house in Sherpur Khurd village. However, Rai was not found at his house during the raid. After questioning Angad’s family, the police went away.

The police searched the house of Angad Rai, a close aide of Mukhtar, but he was not present at the house.

Police interrogated Zafar Khan by bringing him to the police station
Angad Rai has been released from jail on bail for the last one year. Angad Rai is believed to be one of the people close to Mukhtar Ansari. At the same time, the police also raided Zafar Khan alias Chanda, a resident of Chowk Bhatti locality in Muhammadabad. Along with searching the house, the police let Zafar Khan go after bringing him to the police station and interrogating him.

The police team also interrogated Chanda by bringing him to the police station.

The police team also interrogated Chanda by bringing him to the police station.

Action will be taken to curb criminals
Then the police also raided the house of Amit Rai of Joga Musahib village of Karimuddinpur police station. During this, along with the search, the police interrogated the people present there. According to CO Hitendra Krishna, such action will be continued by the Muhammadabad Police in the future as well. The incident of raid is being done in connection with the Umesh Pal murder case that took place in the past. The process of taking continuous action against crime and criminals will continue.

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