Police took to the streets late at night to run hunters on alcoholics. Police took to the streets late at night to run a hunter on alcoholics

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Police searching for alcoholics on the streets late night in Meerut

In Meerut, the police hunter went on the drinkers on the road. The police chased away the drinkers by making a mini bar in the car. Along with this, those who served liquor to the alcoholics late in the night were also run by the police. SP City Vineet Bhatnagar himself took to the streets along with the police squads and launched Operation Sharabi. A simultaneous checking campaign was carried out by marking different places in the city. About half a dozen alcoholics were also detained by the police.

Police launched a hunter on the drinkers and drinkers

Police launched a hunter on the drinkers and drinkers

Special drive on Cantt, Begumpul, Garh Road
Under the supervision of SP City, a campaign was launched to catch liquor especially in the areas of Meerut Cantt, Begumpul and Garh Road. The news of the police raid caused a stir. In the Cantt area, the police started a hunter of action against those who drink alcohol in the coolness of the AC of the car. Suddenly the police raid created a stir. In a hurry, many car riders left their car and fled. The same few people were taken into custody by the police. The sword of action has also been hanged on the shopkeepers who serve liquor in the same car.

Checking by lifting the shutter
The shutters of the liquor shops that opened late in the night started falling only on the information of the police. Police teams reached there and launched a checking campaign by lifting the shutter.
The police officers also questioned the shopkeepers. Many shops were also checked. From where the items served with liquor were recovered. In Meerut, after 11 o’clock in the night, the gathering of liquor starts decorating the road itself. After which there are fights and sometimes big incidents also happen in this affair.

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