Polling in Sangareddy divisions over 65%

Polling for the three divisions of Ramachandrapuram, Bharathi Nagar and Patancheru in Sangareddy district as part of GHMC elections ended on a peaceful note on Tuesday.

In the morning, there a scuffle between TRS and BJP workers at Chaitanya Nagar in Patancheru where Vishnuvardhan Reddy, son of of MLA Gudem Mahipal Reddy, and BJP workers clashed. BJP workers alleged that Vishnuvardhan Reddy attacked them and that police are took the side of TRS.

Tension prevailed for some time at Bharati Nagar where BJP candidate Godavari Anji Reddy staged protests, alleging that TRS workers were distributing polling slips bearing car symbol. Police dispersed the people belonging to both parties.

BJP workers alleged that some of their activists had been arrested by the police.

The average polling percentage stood at 65.12 in all the three divisions with Ramchandrapuram leading with 67.71%, followed by Patancheru (65.76%) and Bharthi Nagar (61.89%). These numbers are relatively high compared to other divisions in GHMC.

MLA G Mahipal Reddy used his voting right in Patancheru while MLC V. Bhoopal Reddy exercised his franchise at Ramachandrapuram.


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