Pooja Bhatt revealed: The first kissing scene was given at the age of 18, when the father said – if you feel Vulgar, then it will become Vulgar

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Actress and filmmaker Pooja Bhatt is going to debut on OTT from the web show ‘Bombay Begums’, which is going to be released on 8 March. In this web series, he has given steamy scenes. During its promotion, Pooja narrated the anecdote behind her first kissing scene and explained what her father Mahesh Bhatt had advised her at the time. Pooja gave this scene in the third film of her career ‘Sadak’ (1991), in which Sanjay Dutt was in the lead role. The director and producer of the film was Mahesh Bhatt.

Then I was 18 years old: Pooja

Pooja told, “I was 18 when I had to give a kissing scene with my icon Sanjay Dutt. I had to kiss the person whose posters were in my room. I remember Papa telling me on one side Took it and said something that I remembered for a lifetime. He said – Pooja, if you feel this vulgar then it will be a vulgar. So you need to approach kissing or love making scenes with Innocence, Grace and Dignity. . “

Returned after 19 years with Rahul Bose

Pooja Bhatt’s co-actor Rahul Bose in ‘Bombay Begams’. The two are working together after 19 years. Earlier they were seen together in ‘Everybody Says I’m Fine’ (2002), directed by Rahul Bose.

Pooja said in an interview, “Rahul Bose is the last person who dared to cast me in ‘Everybody Says I’m Fine’. He didn’t give me any choice. He is my best friend. I am disenchanted with cinema It was done. When Rahul offered me the role, I said- “How are you friends? I am sick and you are offering the role.” Then she insisted that no one could play the role of Tanya better than you. I am forever indebted to her. “

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