Pope Francis Rock A Puffer Jacket In AI-Generated Image

Last Updated: March 28, 2023, 17:01 IST

Many could not believe that Pope Francis’ photo was AI-generated. (credits: Twitter/@singareddynm)

Despite being a work of fiction, the photo has sparked a frenzy on Twitter, with fashion enthusiasts praising the Pope’s look in puffer jacket.

The 86-year-old Pontiff, Pope Francis, is making waves on social media. This time for his OTT sense of fashion. A picture of the Pope wearing a large white puffer jacket has gone viral on Twitter, with many praising his cool and hip style. However, there is a catch. Turns out, the picture is actually fake. The snap was created using an AI app called midjourney and was originally posted on a subreddit before it started circulating on social media, reported NBC News. Despite being a work of fiction, the photo has sparked a frenzy on Twitter, with fashion enthusiasts and the general public alike praising Pope Francis’s look in a puffer jacket. “The boys in Brooklyn could only hope for this level of drip,” read the tweet alongside the snap.

Many users have taken to the platform to share their appreciation for the Pope’s outfit with some even jokingly using play of words to share what was on their minds. Others could not believe that this image was indeed AI-generated, for it looked as real as an image could get. “Is this legit? Why is he so stylish right now?” wrote a user.

“Drippy-ness is next to godliness. Isn’t that the saying?” read a tweet.

Another user tweeted, “This is what’s called a Pontiflex.”

Midjourney is taking the world by storm. The internet has been captivated by an artist’s impressive application of Artificial Intelligence to craft splendid masterpieces of the seven mythical creatures. The level of precision and detail in each piece of art is incredible, making it hard to believe that these creatures exist only in the imagination. The names Jokhini, Kon bhoot, Ghorapak, Puwali bhoot, Pixaas, Bira, and Gaatiyal Dangoriya might seem unfamiliar, but they possess a world of wonder and horror within them. Each creature has a distinct personality and history, setting them apart from one another. The artist has utilized AI to capture the fundamental nature of each creature, resulting in a portrayal that is unprecedented and imbued with life.

What’s more exciting is that the artist has taken real-life photographs and artwork and transformed them into these mythical creatures. “These artworks are created by human beings. These are compilations of my previous work that I uploaded on my Instagram previously,” the caption stated.

Social media users were in love with the beauty and terror of these legendary creatures.

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