Pornography Case: Senior Advocate Ujjwal Nikam said – not direct evidence against Raj Kundra, but his name included in the chain of evidence; which can be solid proof

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Businessman Raj Kundra is in police custody till July 23 for making pornographic films and streaming from the app. According to the Mumbai Police, the conversation on WhatsApp has revealed that Kundra was also involved in financial transactions in this case. Taking advantage of the helpless conditions of models, actresses, he forced them to work in porn films. Dainik Bhaskar spoke to senior advocate Ujjwal Nikam in this matter. During this, an attempt was made to know whether legal actions are possible against Raj Kundra. Here are the key excerpts from his conversation –

The allegations against Raj Kundra are serious, if proved, what can be the punishment for him?
Ujwal:- It is difficult to say anything about the punishment at this time. That is because the matter is still at the stage of investigation. There will be documentary evidence next. On the basis of that, what claims are made by the Investigating Agency, it will all depend on him. There is no direct evidence against Raj, but his name is in the chain of evidence and if he is connected properly, there can be solid proof against him.

Raj Kundra’s talk only on WhatsApp app chat, how much concrete evidence can there be against him?
Ujwal:- The way those chats are done from the owner’s mobile, it makes a impression that they are also involved. If the owner can show that he has not done those chats. They are all fabricated, so it can be done. He has to prove it though.

What is the rule in India, if you make porn, what can be the punishment for you?
Bright: – Not only making porn, inviting someone to do so is also an offense in itself. It is banned in India.

In which category will the bold and erotic content that comes on ‘Ullu’ or ‘ALT Balaji’ app come under? For example, a series like ‘Gandii Baat’?
Ujwal:- Certainly all of them also come under the purview of offence. It is up to the police. ‘Gandi Baat’ comes under the purview of obscene. However, in the Raj Kundra case, the models have also imposed allegation, then the police have taken cognizance.

If someone does not impose allegation on anyone and keeps making erotic content, then in that case also the police can take action on the respective makers?
Ujwal:- Absolutely can take. The police can take suo motu cognizance. The police have the right to take suo motu cognizance.

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