Posted a photo on social media by making dirty comments on the photo in Gorakhpur, now threatening to kill. Posted on the internet by making dirty comments on the photo, now threatening to kill

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In Gorakhpur, brother-in-law talked obscenely with his own sister-in-law. After that the objectionable photo of sister-in-law was put on the internet. When the sister-in-law opposes this, the brother-in-law threatens to kill her.

The incident is from a village in Sahjanwa area. The woman has complained about this to the Sahjanwa police. Police has started investigating the matter.

The court marriage of a woman of Sahjanwan area was done with a young man from another village. A few days after the marriage, a dispute started between the husband and wife. The matter reached the police and now the case is going on in this matter.

started calling on sister-in-law’s mobile

Meanwhile, the woman’s husband started calling her younger married sister’s mobile from an unknown number. He started talking obscenely to her on the phone. Along with this, by making dirty comments on the photo, he started putting it on the internet with his ID. The brother-in-law also threatened to kill her when her sister-in-law protested.

The victim has given a named Tahrir against the brother-in-law to the police. Inspector Sahjanwa Manvendra Pathak told that the woman has received a complaint against the brother-in-law. But her sister-in-law doesn’t want any action right now. Hence the case has not been registered yet.

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