Pregnant Kareena Kapoor Khan will be away from Timur due to shooting, Lal Singh Chadha film song will be shot at India Gate

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  • Kareena in the role of ‘Lal’ Roopa in ‘Lal Singh Chadha’
  • Kargil’s set will be made in India instead of Turkey

Kareena Kapoor Khan is currently shooting for the film ‘Lal Singh Chadha’ in Delhi. This schedule will run till the end of this month. This is the first time in many years that Kareena has come on shoot alone. She has not gone to Delhi regarding Timur due to the threat of Corona. Kareena is also shooting for eight to ten hours every day in epidemic conditions.

According to sources, ‘Kareena is Aamir’s character in the film. Aamir is in the role of a soldier named Lal. From Friday, both are going to shoot a romantic song of the film at India Gate. The song will continue to play in the backdrop. Both will continue to perform on it. The song being shot on Aamir-Kareena is being choreographed by Saroj Khan’s son Raju Khan.

Shooting in Delhi’s hotels, streets and schools

Till now the entire team was shooting in a school in Delhi. Shooting has taken place in different areas of Delhi for some action sequences. Recently, Aamir Khan shot an action scene sequence in hotels and streets. Aamir’s running scene is also shot between vehicles on the streets of Connaught Place. The safety of crew members along with Kareena is being taken care of on the set. Production is spending an additional two lakh rupees per day.

Sources have confirmed that the film does not have an operation blue star with a golden temple. Yes, the writers put a sequence of Kargil war in it. Aamir participates in it. Aamir actually wanted to shift Kargil to the Turkish hills. The actor also went to Turkey to see the location, but had to face a lot of criticism from social media users as he met the President’s wife there. As a result, the team has now changed the plan of Turkey.

Kargil set to be built in Ladakh or Lahaul Spiti

Kargil will be recycled somewhere in India in Ladakh or Lahaul Spiti. Kargil and Kashmir were earlier recast in Serbia and Georgia for ‘Gunjan Saxena: Kargil Girl’.


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