Preparations are in place for assembly elections 2022 in Shravasti | District Election Officer said- Flying squad team will reach within a few minutes to take action on complaints made on C-Vigil App

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Neha Prakash, District Election Officer of Shravasti district has told that District Contact Center Control Room is being operated in the Collectorate for the successful conduct of Vidhan Sabha elections. Where complaints made on C-Vigil App, citizen Vigilance App for disposal of complaints will be disposed of promptly.

Anyone can download this app from Google Play Store on their mobile. One of the features of this app is that it can upload live photo videos with auto location capture from within the app for digital proof of the flying squads to work in a time bound manner. This app can be installed on any Android smart phone with good internet connection and GPS access.

Complaint will be resolved soon

With this app, the public can report the occurrence of political events instantly within minutes. So that there will be no need to go to the Returning Office. C-VIGIL App connects alert citizens with District Control Room Returning Officer and Field Unit Flying Squads Static Surveillance Teams. Thereby leading to a rapid and accurate reporting action and monitoring.

For complaint through c-Vigil app, the complainant will have to provide a photo or a two-minute video briefly detailing the activities that violate the model code of conduct, before filing the complaint. The information along with the complaint reaches the concerned District Control Room. As a result of which the flying squad will reach the spot within few minutes. After reaching the complaint site by flying squad, after disposal, the report is sent to the Election Commission.

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