Preparations started for the youth-girl introduction conference. Preparations started for youth-girl introduction conference

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Members of the committee meeting the people of the society.

On 24th and 25th December, All India youth-girl introduction conference is being organized by Shri Taran Taran Digambar Jain Navayuk Mandal Chhindwara. Preparations are going on by the Youth Club for this conference. To enable maximum number of youth and youth to reach this conference, the members of the committee are reaching from place to place and contacting the community brothers. In this sequence, the officers of the new youth circle, Chhindwara, had come to Bareilly.

He appealed to the community brothers to reach the program. Ankur Jain, president of Navayuk Mandal Chhindwara, said that the introduction conference will be discussed only about relations. Also, arrangements have been made here for matching the horoscopes of young men and women. At present, the Samiti is in constant contact with the Samaj brothers in Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh. In the meantime, forms are also being given. Along with this, a site has also been created on Google for the information of youth and girls and can also make their information available to the committee through email.

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