Pressident Ram Nath Kovind Kanpur Dehat (UP) Visit Latest Updates. President’s Sister-In-Law Vidyavati Seakes To Dainik Bhaskar | Said- Officers have stopped us, Lalla cannot be fed by making turtles from home, Lalla likes Rasiyaur and Peda very much.

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President’s niece Anjali and her sister-in-law Vidyavati.

President Ram Nath Kovind will visit his birthplace Paraunkh village in Kanpur countryside of Uttar Pradesh on June 27. This is the first time after becoming the President, that he will visit his birthplace. ‘Dainik Bhaskar’ was shocked and hesitant before the arrival of the President. During this, the pain of the President’s sister-in-law Vidyavati, who lives in Om Nagar, Jhinjhak, was felt. He said, the officers who came to his house have denied that the President cannot be given anything made from home.

Tears welled up in his eyes while saying this. He said, “Hamaye Lalla loves Rasiyaur and Hamay Haath Ke Peda. The officers have stopped us, Lalla cannot be fed by making turtles from home.

Lalla did not even let her feel the absence of her mother.
President Ram Nath Kovind is fondly called Lalla by his sister-in-law Vidyavati. The President’s elder brother Shiv Balak has died. Vidyavati says that there was a fire in the village house. During this, Lalla’s mother had gone to take out her valuables from inside the house. During this the fire increased so much that she could not get out and she died due to burns. The President was only five years old then. Since then, it was he who brought up Lalla and educated him and took him to the highest post of the country. Lalla never let there be a lack of mother. Lalla also always treated me like a mother and always took the latest news by video call.

President's sister-in-law Vidyavati's residence in Om Nagar, Jhinjhak.

President’s sister-in-law Vidyavati’s residence in Om Nagar, Jhinjhak.

Worried about Lalla’s health…
Vidyavati told that Lalla was complaining of chest pain. He was examined at the Army Hospital in Delhi. Here he referred them to AIIMS for treatment. This was followed by his successful bypass surgery on 30 March 2021. He expressed his desire to go to Delhi several times during this time, but the President stopped saying that everything was fine. Keep giving them moment by moment through video call. Till he does not see Lalla, his worries will continue to haunt him.

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