Prisoner Commits Suicide by Hanging Himself in Murder Case in Lucknow District Jail | The prisoner hanged in the assassin; Loneliness was kept in loneliness barracks after a fight

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Instructions have been given to investigate the incident of hanging of prisoners in Lucknow District Jail.

  • Was jailed in the murder case since 2018, was sentenced in dowry murder case too

The prisoner committed suicide by hanging himself in Lucknow District Jail on Wednesday night. The 45-year-old Gopi was closed in the September 17, 2018 murder case in Para, Lucknow. His body was found hanging from the iron grill using a skull. According to the jail administration, the prisoner beat up the fellow prisoner on July 21. Because of this, he was shifted to Lonai Barrack a day earlier.

There were bruises on the body

Injuries have been found on the prisoner’s body. Jail superintendent Ashish Tiwari said that on July 21, the prisoner had beaten another prisoner. On July 25, he was shifted to Lonelie Barrack 1 at the behest of the prisoner after treatment at the jail hospital. The prisoner got hanged late at 2 pm on Wednesday. It is being told that the prisoner’s mental balance was not well for three years. He often quarreled with fellow prisoners.

Dowry murder and other cases had been punished

Jail superintendent Ashish Tiwari said that in 1999, inmate Gopi had served a sentence in the dowry murder case. After this, another case was also punished. On 17 September 2017, the murder trial in Para was jailed. The prisoner is a resident of Baldekhera Para of Para. The DG Jail Office has given instructions to investigate the entire matter.


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