Private hospital did not treat properly even after taking arbitrary bill, patient serious | Keep the patient till it is not serious, fifty thousand rupees taken in two days, had to be taken to Hallet Hospital after seeing negligence

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Receiving complaints of negligence.

In the private hospitals of Kanpur city of Uttar Pradesh, cases of robbery with patients are increasing. At the same time, helpless patients are turning to government hospitals for all these reasons. Patients are forced to wander due to lack of treatment facilities even in the district hospital.

Rajkumar, a resident of Harjender Nagar, was admitted to Torus Hospital in Ramadevi two days ago by his wife Premvati due to neuro problems. Even before being admitted there, the hospital people deposited 50 thousand and did not even treat it properly. When the doctor was asked for treatment, he said that treatment would not be possible here and referred the patient to Hallet. The relatives allege that fifty thousand rupees were taken here in two days and negligence was done in the treatment of the patient. The woman told that in the medical store located here, she had to buy medicines at a rate many times higher than the market. When there was no improvement in the treatment of the husband, on Thursday evening, when the family members reached Hallet Emergency with the patient, the doctor here after examining them told the patient to be serious.

returned from district hospital

Banda resident Narendra Kumar has been unable to eat and drink for the past few days due to throat infection. Wife Shagunlata told that, when she reached the district hospital, the doctor referred her husband to Halat, citing lack of facilities here. On reaching here, the treatment was started.

Discharged from private hospital

Elderly Ramraj, a resident of Ghatampur, was admitted to a private hospital located in Yashoda Nagar by son Anuj after complaining of stomach and spinal cord. The son told that even after being admitted for four days, the elderly father here did not get any benefit in treatment. There was a lot of money here too. Told that he reached Halat after discharging his father. After seeing the condition of the father here, JK was referred to cancer.

Savitri Shukla, an elderly woman resident of Nawabganj, was brought to cardiology by her relatives in the morning, from where the elderly woman was referred to Halat. The relatives told that the elderly woman has been told about the problem of neuro and she is not getting treatment since morning.

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