Private teachers will teach in government schools of Rajasthan: will be appointed as guest faculty in Mahatma Gandhi School, will get 30,000 salary

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To overcome the shortage of teachers in the government schools of Rajasthan, now private teachers will be appointed. The Education Department has started the Guest Faculty Scheme for Mahatma Gandhi English Medium School. Under which private teachers will be appointed as guest faculty in more than 700 schools across the state. Those who will be given salary up to 30,000 every month.

Actually, the Education Department had taken out the vacancy for the recruitment of 10 thousand teachers in Mahatma Gandhi English Medium School. But even after a lapse of more than 3 months, the teachers did not show interest to teach in Mahatma Gandhi English Medium School. After which the Education Department has decided to appoint teachers as guest faculty. In such a situation, by starting the application process at the school level, teachers will be given posting in the 2022 academic session itself.

Let us tell you that the teachers who are teaching in government schools these days. His english is not good. This is the reason why these schools are facing difficulty in filling the posts of teachers. At the same time, the education department believes that the teacher teaching in private English medium schools has a good hold on English. In such a situation, the Education Department has started the Guest Faculty Scheme for the appointment of good teachers in government schools at low salaries.

Guest faculty will be selected on the basis of these rules

  • Guest faculty, private candidates/retired teachers can be appointed under Vidya Sambal Yojana on the vacant posts of teachers already working in the department after posting through interview in Mahatma Gandhi/English medium schools.
  • The appointment process of these guest faculty private candidates will be done at the level of Mahatma Gandhi / English Medium School by a committee of 02 senior most teachers in addition to them under the chairmanship of the Principal. If two senior-most teachers are not available, the committee will appoint two senior members from other MGGES schools of the respective CBEO block.
  • The applications of eligible candidates will be invited at the school level by the head of the institution on the departmental website and on the school notice board and other public platforms. The calendar for the above publication will be issued by the Directorate.
  • In case of receipt of more applications than vacancies on any vacant post, a merit list will be prepared and appointment will be given on the basis of priority.
  • Retired teacher if B.Ed passed. So for Teacher Level II, subject wise and if BSTC/D.El.Ed is passed. So teachers will be eligible for Level I.
  • The preparation of the merit list will be done on the basis of the total marks obtained by taking 75% and 25% marks of educational qualification and educational qualification respectively in the minimum desired qualifications of the post.
  • In case of same number, the candidate of older age will be given preference over the candidate of younger age.
  • The period for receipt of applications and the calendar for issuing appointments will be issued from the directorate.
  • The selected candidate will have to give consent to the proposal given for the post of guest faculty within seven days. Along with this, they will come to work at the time fixed by the head of the institution.
  • The Guest Faculty will be housed entirely on a temporary basis.
  • Private candidates / retired teachers will be kept as guest faculty subject to the same guidelines. Which is mentioned in the Finance Department’s circular dated: 30.03.2021.

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