Priyanka Chopra revealed: A big director had said that if you want to become an actress, do surgery on three body parts including breast.

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Priyanka Chopra is currently in discussion about her memoir ‘Unfinished’, which is to be launched on 9 February. In this book, he has made many revelations related to his personal and professional life. One of these stories is also about the big director-producer with whom she first met. He advised them to undergo surgery of three body parts including breast.

‘The director asked to turn around and kept staring’

According to Priyanka, this incident happened when she was stepping into the acting world after winning the Miss World title in 2000. The actress wrote, “After a brief conversation of a few minutes, that director / producer asked me to stand up and move around. I did the same. He stared at me for a long time and advised me to keep my breast, jaw and butt. Surgery must be done. “

“If I want to become an actress, I have to fix my proposal. He also said that he knows a good doctor in Los Angeles and can send me there. The person who was my manager at the time also gave him a yes . Later I parted ways with that manager as well. “

Why did Priyanka not talk about it earlier?

Why has Priyanka never talked about this before? He gave the reason for this in an interview given to a magazine. According to Priyanka, she is in the entertainment business, which needs to be strong. If an artist is weakened, then people start degrading him.

According to Priyanka, she never let herself fall down. She kept doing her work ignoring all the things that she was upset or had left. Priyanka said that her book ‘Unfinished’ does not give any kind of explanation. This is his story, which he has seen from his own perspective.

Priyanka told her pain on social media

Priyanka has also shared an audio note on social media. In it she is saying, “My career is a career that is more based on my physical design. It felt like it was over before it started. I felt like a door to heaven was opened and then I was slapped on my face. And it hurt. “


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