Priyanka Gandhi slams U.P. CM Adityanath for not isolating himself after exposure to COVID-19 patient

Congress general secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra on Thursday cited media reports to allege Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath was attending public rallies despite coming into contact with a COVID-19-positive person.

Ms. Vadra also charged the Chief Ministerโ€™s Office of giving inaccurate figures on the rate of infection and said that there was a long waiting period at crematoriums and rush at hospitals, which was creating panic among people.

โ€œAccording to media reports, UP Chief Minister is going to rallies even after coming in contact with Covid + person,โ€ Ms. Vadra alleged.

On April 2, the Congress general secretary, who was her partyโ€™s star campaigner in the Assembly election of Assam, Kerala and Tamil Nadu, had cancelled all her political programmes and announced her decision after her husband had tested positive.

Though she had herself tested negative, she claimed she had heeded the advice of doctors.

Stating that there was โ€œpanicโ€ among people in U.P., Ms. Vadra said leaders should set an example with their conduct.

โ€œThose whose duty is to be transparent and accountable are themselves proving to be irresponsible. In times of crisis, leaders should set an example of truth and right conduct so that people can trust them,โ€she said in another tweet.


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