Priyanka’s story of ‘Unfinished’: Priyanka Chopra had locked her boyfriend in the cupboard for fear of aunt, complained to mother on being caught

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Actress Priyanka Chopra is currently in discussion about her memoir ‘Unfinished’, which is launched on 9 February. In this book, he has made many revelations related to his personal and professional life. In this book, he also told about a boyfriend in his teenage. Priyanka told that when she went to America to study and one day her aunt caught her at home with her boyfriend. During this time, he also locked the boyfriend in the cupboard to hide from Aunty. Then after being caught, his aunt had also complained to Priyanka’s mother.

Priyanka Chopra told this story in the book that for some years she lived in the US with her relative and went to school. Then he fell in love with a boy. Priyanka has named this boy ‘Bob’ in the book. He recounted in the book how his aunt once caught him at home with boyfriend Bob.

Wanted to marry boyfriend
Priyanka told in the book that when she was in 10th grade and at that time she was living in Indianapolis with her Kiran aunt in America. She then met ‘Bob’ at school. Bob won Priyanka’s heart due to her funny style and romantic gestures. Priyanka told that Bob had also gifted her one of her chains. The two used to hold each other’s hands in school. Princessa fell in love with Bob and also wanted to marry him.

I locked it in the cupboard
Priyanka wrote, “One day Bob and I were sitting on the couch watching each other’s hands watching TV. Then I saw my aunt coming from the window towards the house and I was very scared. It was 2 o’clock in the afternoon. And it wasn’t even time for him to return home. Then when I couldn’t find a way to send Bob out of the house, I locked him in the cupboard of my room. After that I told him not to get out of the cupboard, Until I send the aunt out. “

Never seen Masi so angry
Priyanka wrote, “Kiran Masi entered the house and started checking all the rooms. I was sitting on my bed and I had a book of biology in my hand. I was showing that I was studying. Masi at my room door She came and said, “Open it. I asked whom to open? Aunt said – Open your cupboard. I was trembling with fear, because I had never seen my aunt so angry before. Everything got messed up, because Bob was in it. “

Masi called my mother and complained
Priyanka also told about the story ahead of it. He wrote, “Masi called my mother and said I can’t believe she was lying on my mouth. There was a boy in her cupboard.” After this, Priyanka returned to India and took part in Miss India beauty pageant competition. She won it and also became Miss World. After this, she immediately came into the limelight. It was here that he started a successful career in films. After this, he never looked back.


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