Probation officer said- Mother understands daughter’s pain very well. Organized under ‘Meri Beti Strong’, daughters came from different areas of the district.

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Under the joint aegis of voluntary organization, Rural Development Institute and Breakthrough of Ghazipur district, ‘Flight of Courage’ program was organized under ‘Meri Beti Strong’ program at District Panchayat Auditorium Ghazipur.

On this occasion, adolescent girls, Pradhan, Asha and Anganwadi associated with development block Kasimabad, Mardah and Sadar development block were honored for their good initiative on the issue of girl empowerment.

The main objective of the program is to display this program in a comprehensive manner and take it to the society through the bond between mother and daughter, their feelings, concerns, nutrition and support. Also how a mother becomes the foundation stone of building her daughter’s aspiration. So that her daughter can move forward with strong confidence on the path of better and happy life.

The chief guest of the program, Ghazipur’s District Probation Officer Sanjay Soni said that a mother understands the pain of a daughter very well. As his story is presented through the platform, it is evident. He called upon the adolescent girls and said that your mother is your best friend. You tell everything on your mind to them and take their support and move forward on the path of your life.

In the program, Women Welfare Officer Neha Rai said that today the contribution of the headmen is being received to activate the village level child protection committee. To a large extent, issues of violence have started arising along with help to drop out girls and adolescent girls.

Mainly Kriti Prakash, Vidisha, Uttara, Rashmi Gupta, Tauhid Abbasi, Manoj Kumar Tiwari, Arshad Jamal, Sarita Pal, Pawan Kumar, Uzma, Nasreen, Sarita Chauhan, Ramashankar, Sunil Kumar and Abhishek participated in the program.

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