Problem: Now the certificate will be released offline again

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  • People have been troubled for many days to get the online non-income vs certificate

People are having trouble in the tehsils to get a no-income certificate without any loan on their land. From 4 December 2020 on behalf of the Diocese government, offline 12 Sala unencumbered certificates were discontinued and started issuing the said certificates by online arrangement from 22 December 2020.

Under which the unattended certificate holder had to apply at the Facilitation Center and then by online arrangement reached the online ID of the concerned Tehsildar and they sent it online to the Patwari and only after the Patwari approved it A certificate was issued which used to take about two to three days, but now the certificates are not being made by online process.

DC of Barnala has given order to issue offline

Darshan Singh, resident of Darshan Singh, who came to Rampura tehsil complex to get a weightless certificate, said that he works as a farmer and he needed 12 years’ unencumbered certificate to get a limit on his land, but it has been closed till 9 January 2021. . They have been circling the office for several days but the problem has not been solved. In view of the problems of the people, DC Barnala instructed the Tehsildar of his area to issue unencumbered certificate by his letter no. 1002/12 dated 21/01/2021 till the issue is resolved.

On January 18, under the leadership of Ajit Pal Singh Mander, the head of the Lawyers Association of Bar Association Phool Town, to issue the unencumbered certificate of line, the goods minister got Gurpreet Singh Kangar and gave a demand letter, which he assured to solve the problem soon.

The goods minister said – problem will be solved soon

Talked to the Minister of Goods Gurpreet Singh Kangar in this regard, he said that DC Bathinda was sent a copy of the orders issued by DC Barnala and asked to issue 12 years of unencumbered certificate soon by the off-line system. is. He said that the problem will be solved in a couple of days. He said that he himself is ready to resolve this issue with the priority.


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