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Akhilesh Yadav gave a big statement about Lord Krishna in Lucknow.

After Ram, Krishna has now entered the UP elections. Former Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav said in Lucknow that Shri Krishna comes every night in his dream and says that his government is coming this time. In a conversation with the media, he said, ‘Shri Krishna also comes in my dreams and came yesterday also, comes every day and says that SP government is being formed in UP’. He said that BJP often talks about Ram Rajya, but the path of socialism is for Ram Rajya.

The SP president said, the day socialism will be fully implemented, Ramrajya will start from that day. Earlier, Yogi had also said in the rally that Shri Krishna is motivating me to contest from Mathura.

Rajya Sabha MP Harnath wrote the letter

Rajya Sabha MP Harnath Singh Yadav wrote a letter to JP Nadda.

Rajya Sabha MP Harnath Singh Yadav wrote a letter to BJP National President JP Nadda. In the letter, he wrote, ‘CM Yogi has a special attachment to the people of Braj region. Yogi should contest from Mathura, the city of Lord Krishna. Lord Krishna himself has inspired me to write this letter. CM Yogi himself had announced to contest the assembly elections in Lucknow on December 31. He had said that this party will decide from where he will fight.

Siddharth targeted Akhilesh

cabinet minister siddharth nath posted on social media

cabinet minister siddharth nath posted on social media

Cabinet minister Siddharth Nath wrote, ‘Akhilesh got a break from Babar and Jinnah and now Lord Krishna is visible, right in dreams. Don’t worry 5 years of Yogi ji and the entire Samajwadi Party will start seeing only Lord Ram-Krishna and Mahadev.

On whom there are many cases, he has been made CM.

On Sunday, Akhilesh Yadav had carried forward the tenth phase of the Samajwadi Vijay Yatra after offering darshan at the newly built temple of Lord Parashuram in Lucknow. Targeting Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, the SP President said that the person against whom cases were registered under several sections, BJP made him the Chief Minister.

Many BJP leaders who are elderly, who were strengthening the party by shedding blood and sweat for many years, they say many times that we were shedding blood, don’t know where they came from, made them sit on us. Gone.

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