Public outrage over Kangana Ranaut’s office being demolished, some told it is a death of democracy and some raised questions for Maharashtra government | Seeing Kangana Ranot’s office being demolished, public outrage erupted, saying – ‘This is not just breaking the office but also killing democracy in Maharashtra’

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  • Public Outrage Over Kangana Ranaut’s Office Being Demolished, Some Told It Is A Death Of Democracy And Some Raised Questions For Maharashtra Government

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Kangana Ranot’s office in Pali Hill, which is making headlines due to its impeccable talk, is being demolished. Outside the actress’ office on Tuesday, the BMC had placed an illegal construction notice, after which Kangna has also reached Mumbai today. The work of breaking the office has started, seeing that the anger of the people is clearly visible. Some people believe that in view of Kangana’s statements against the government, her property is being targeted, while some raging people started questioning the democracy, Maharashtra Police and the law.

End of democracy ..

On Twitter, people saw Kangna’s property falling #DeathOfDemocracy Has got the trend done. So far, 4.24 lakh people have tweeted with this hashtag. One user wrote, ‘This is a shameful step by the Maharashtra government. This will be the last nail of the Maharashtra government’s coffin. This is not just the breaking of Kangana’s office but also the killing of democracy in Maharashtra ‘.

The other user wrote, ‘Even celebrities who stand for justice are not safe, so imagine the condition of a common man who wants justice while such people and a government like Shiv Sena’.

The Shiv Sena government of Maharashtra has started a Terror Company to save the culprits of Sushant Singh Rajput’s murder. Shame on BMC. Kangana has come to Mumbai to see the death of democracy. God knows who they are saving.

Bollywood’s silence worrisome

A user questioned the silence of Bollywood celebs, wrote, Akshay Kumar, Ajay Devgan, Sonu Sood, the whole of India supports you and goes to watch your films on a high .. But Kangana’s silence at the office is very worrying for you Is parent

The Bollywood star calls himself a hero, tiger, emperor, singham, khiladi and dabang but cannot raise voice for a woman in her own industry whose house is being broken into. That too because he has spoken against the Maharashtra government. Shame on BMC. Kangana needs justice. End of democracy ‘.

The general public is afraid to put his point…

One user wrote, Sir, today every Indian and common man is scared who wants to keep his word. Today, the way the BMC took action by not accepting the High Court, today democracy has been killed. In Mumbai, does the value of the court also end when speaking against the government ??

You will not be able to break the spirits by breaking the office ..

A user wrote in support of Kangana, Gunda Raj, an insult to democracy. You will not be able to break the spirits by breaking the office. India is with Kangana Ranot.


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