Punjabi singer Shri Brar gave clarification: Said on Instagram – I have been on the bed for 2 months, why will I threaten anyone?

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Punjabi singer Shri Brar giving information.

Punjabi singer Mr. Brar went live on Instagram and said that a lawyer has complained to the police that Mr. Brar is threatening him. I myself have been bedridden for 2 months in a foreign country, why should I threaten anyone? Brar said that if anyone is threatening him, strict action should be taken against him. Shri Brar said that a lot of things happened to me in Chandigarh. Even received threats, hence left the country.

I don’t sing alone, everyone sings
Brar said that there is talk of taking action on my songs too, although I am not the only singer who sings such songs. There are many singers who sing songs. We have to come to some extent and give up these things. There are some people who used to express their objection on the songs of Sidhu Moosewala also. Even after his death, some people continue to oppose his songs.

admitted to hospital due to accident
Mr. Brar told that I had an accident. There was a fracture on the leg. 2 operations have been done. Brar said that my mother’s visa has not been approved, hence I am alone in the foreign country. But people’s prayers are with me.

People stole many songs
Brar said that there are many of my songs which have been stolen by people. There are about 30 to 40 songs that people have stolen. Brar said that his Hobo channel is starting, today a new song named Dus Pooch Ke has been released on it. About 20 songs will be released there in the coming days.

Shubh’s work is done and work is done.
Brar said that Shubh’s work was going well, but some people protested and got his work stopped. We are all Indians. Everyone should live together. Hindus and Sikhs are one. The singer is shared by all. Those who listen to me love me from their heart. I don’t understand the schemes involving artists.

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