Python came on the sets of Shakti Arora in Mumbai: the actor shared the video, said – Python laid 150 eggs, the leopard came three days ago

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A python had suddenly entered the sets of TV actor Shakti Arora in Mumbai’s Filmcity. The actor gave this information by sharing the video on social media and told that the life of an actor is not easy. He also told that a leopard also came on the set of his show three days back.

Shakti Arora said that in reality many such challenges come in the life of actors and they have to face them firmly. He said that being an actor is not just about glamour.

Forest officer rescues python in 10 minutes
Shakti Arora told that suddenly she saw a python crawling on the set. Later, the forest officials caught the python and released it safely into the forest. Shakti Arora told that the snake was caught in about 10 minutes and the situation was controlled. But, for a while everyone on the set was in a panic.

We were told that it is a female python and she must have laid around 100-150 eggs in the area around the set. There are sets of many other shows around the set of our show. It is not that the set of our show is completely inside the jungle. Even before this I have seen a deer once and once a snake crossing the road.

Leopard came on set to hunt dogs and monkeys: Shakti Arora
Shakti Arora further wrote – It is not easy to be an actor. No matter what happens, the work should go on. It is true that even if we fall sick, we cannot take leave even for a day because the shoot is necessary. Often we are shooting today for tomorrow’s episode.

Shakti also told that a leopard had entered the set three days back. He said- Thankfully none of us were there when the leopard came on the set. The camera was on and the leopard was captured in the camera. He came to hunt dogs and monkeys.

In the dark of night, we can become an easy target for animals: Shakti Arora
Shakti Arora further said- Wildlife officials posted inside Filmcity told us that the leopard will not attack us unless we panic or tease it. Because of this, we take a lot of care on the set. I try never to be alone on set.

It is my endeavor that someone or the other is always with me on the set. Because you can never sit completely relaxed. During night shoots, we are easy targets for these animals. It doesn’t mean that I should taste blood without any reason. Even in monsoon, snakes living inside the ground come out.

Many shows are shot in Film City in Mumbai. This place is adjacent to Sanjay Gandhi National Park.

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