Qatar becomes trouble city for journalists: Goods stolen in live coverage of FIFA World Cup, police detain

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The FIFA World Cup has started from 20 November. This time it is being hosted by Qatar. Ever since the tournament has started, one high voltage drama after another has been seen happening in this tournament. In the midst of all this, cases like misbehavior with journalists, neglect of the administration and theft are coming to the fore in Qatar. Even some journalists were detained by the police.

security staff threat
Journalists from different countries have reached Qatar to cover the FIFA World Cup. Due to lax and careless attitude of Qatar administration and poor security arrangements, journalists have to face trouble. While reporting, a Danish TV crew was stopped by Qatari security staff and threatened with breaking their cameras.

On asking the reason for doing so, the staff told that they felt that there is no permission for shooting here. After this incident, Rasmus Tenthold, who was leading this crew, expressed his displeasure over this. He said, ‘You have invited the whole world here, why can’t we shoot here? This is a public place.

After this incident, Rasmus wrote on social media, ‘Qatar International Media Office and Qatar Supreme Committee have apologized to us. This happened while we were doing live coverage of Qatar. But will the rest of the media be treated the same?’

Shocking attitude of police
The second incident happened with the Argentine reporter. Dominik Metzger had several items stolen from her handbag during the live show on the first day of the tournament. The attitude of the police was also not good towards them. The police assured them that they would catch the thief with the help of hi-tech cameras. After that the police started asking Dominic what kind of justice do you want? What punishment should we give to that thief? Do you want the thief to be jailed for 5 years? Do you want him to be deported from the country? This behavior of the police startled Dominic.

Had to support the LGBT community heavily
The third incident happened with USA journalist Grant Wahl. Grant was wearing a rainbow shirt. When he started going to the stadium, he was detained. Because he was supporting the LGBT community. Grant said he was stopped from entering the stadium and asked to remove his shirt. When he wanted to write about the incident on social media, his phone was also snatched away.

Grant said that a security commander later apologized to him and allowed him to enter the stadium.

The world is watching the FIFA World Cup. In such a situation, the credibility of FIFA can be reduced by such incidents. That’s why immediate action is taken by FIFA on such incidents.

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