Rahman, 54 years old: AR Rahman, who never wanted to give music in films, used to think of suicide every day at the age of 25

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Music composer AR Rahman turns 54. He was born on 6 January 1967 in Chennai. His biography was launched in 2018. This is Rahman’s official biography, written by Krishna Trilok. He is the son of Trilok Nair, who gave Rahman a chance in film music. The book reveals many untouched aspects of Rahman’s life, which are rarely discussed. Read some unheard things related to Rahman from the book.

Hate the name

  • Rahman hates his birth name ‘Dilip Kumar’ as it reminds him of his troubled tomorrow. How much he objected to his old name also shows that he told the publishers of the book that Dilip Kumar should be written only once in the book. The name Rahman or AR is used throughout the book.
  • Rahman’s association with music was made when he was seated at the piano at the young age of four. However, after the demise of music composer father RK Shekhar, his mother used to rent his father’s instruments for household expenses. Rahman used to operate these instruments around the world, so he used to go with the instruments.

Wanted to suicide

  • Rahman never wanted to give music in films. They wanted to be limited to bands and non-film music. But he had to choose film music. At the age of 11, he was established as an instrumentalist in Malayalam music. At the age of 25, Rahman considered himself extremely unsuccessful and thought about suicide every day.
  • Rahman built his first recording studio ‘Panchtan Record In’ in the courtyard of his home in Chennai. This studio changed his life. Even now when they are in Chennai, they mostly do recordings in this studio. According to his colleagues, Rahman’s most creative work comes here.

Rehman did the orange marriage

  • Rahman was arranged in marriage. In his first meeting, he told his wife Saira Banu, “If we are having dinner and I find a tune, then we have to leave the dinner.” Regarding this, his wife says that Rahman had ‘auto-tuned’ her before marriage.
  • Director Mani Ratnam wanted to give a special dress to Rahman in films to wear in Oscar ceremonies. But Rahman’s wife got a black sherwani prepared by famous fashion designer Sabyasachi.

Rahman likes perfection

  • To bring perfection to music, Rahman is constantly immersed in his songs twenty days before the release of any album. They listen to each song many times. During this time they hardly sleep for an hour a day.
  • The book also brings out the funny aspect of Rahman. During the recording of a song, director Imtiaz Ali asked if the singer should give coffee to Mohit Chauhan? Rahman refuses and says, ‘No. Let them suffer. Pain will make him a better musician. ‘


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