Rai bareli latest news updates Rae Bareli DM Vaibhav Srivastava Honored The Elderly Vijay Pal Singh | At the age of 98, the elderly used to live by selling gram; Rae Bareli DM called in office and seated tears

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Rae Bareli DM called the elderly Vijay Pal Singh to his office and praised his suicide.

  • District Magistrate gave 11 thousand cash and benefit of stick and toilet scheme for walking

Vijay Pal Singh, a 98-year-old elder living in Rae Bareli, manages his family by hiring a gram. They had not yet received the benefit of the toilet scheme. The reason is their self-sufficiency. He does not like to spread his hands to anyone. When District Magistrate Vaibhav Srivastava came to know through social media, on Thursday, he called Vijay Pal Singh to his office. The old man was seated in an adjacent chair in his chamber and gave 11 thousand rupees in cash.

Also, the money for the first installment to build a toilet was sent to the account. Then the guest of the elderly was given a cup of tea. It was a precious moment in the life of elderly Vijay Pal Singh. When the DM offered him a stick and a shawl to walk, tears came out of his eyes. Finally, the DM sent him to the house, sitting on the BDO carriage of Harchandpur.

22 years ago, the finger was severed but it did not lose its courage

In fact, 98-year-old Vijaypal Singh hails from Kandora village under Harchandpur police station area of ​​Rae Bareli district. Their old shoulders bear a great burden of responsibility. For this reason, as soon as dawn, they take gram on a handcart and sell it on the streets. Is a boy. He too is working in Delhi with his family. It is difficult to meet his own expenses from his income. On the shoulders of the son is the weight of the marriage of three daughters. Vijaypal Singh himself also sees a small part of his farm. 22 years ago, his hand was cut to the finger, but he did not lose courage. Till today they leave with the same wheel.

First MLA Aditi Singh helped

When one of his videos went viral on social media, MLA Aditi Singh first helped himself and then informed the DM about the case. DM Vaibhav Srivastava today called Vijay Pal Singh to the office. Here he presented him 11 thousand rupees, a shawl, a stick and sent the money of the toilet to his account. The elder thanked the DM and the MLA.

The District Magistrate gave the certificate of Toilet Scheme.

The District Magistrate gave the certificate of Toilet Scheme.

DM said – Ration card is also being made

DM Vaibhav Srivastava said that two days ago Vijay Pal Singh has been given a toilet installment. Today their ration card is also being made. He told that during the conversation, Vijay Pal Singh told that for this he keeps running his hand and foot.

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