Railways to start 80 new special trains, reservations begin on September 10 | India News – Times of India

NEW DELHI: Indian Railways will start running another 80 passenger trains or 40 pairs, and resume operations of the Vande Bharat service between Delhi and Varanasi from September 12.
Reservations for these trains will start from September 10. The railways will also introduce “clone trains” that will run just ahead of the ones which have a long waiting list for more than seven to ten days.
Railway board CEO and chairman, V K Yadav said one of the intentions of running some of these trains is to facilitate the return of migrant workers. “While deciding the routes we took note of some factors including the routes where the demand is high and also considered the Shramik Specials that were run to take migrant workers back to their native places. There is a trend of migrant workers returning to their place of work and hence some of the trains will cater to that need,” he added.
The list of 40 pairs of trains shows that a few will run on routes, including Delhi-Gorakhpur, Yashwantpur-Gorakhpur, Muzaffarpur-Valsad, Chhapra-Chennai, Korba-Vishakhapatnam, Puri- Ahmedabad, Dhanbad-Ferozpur and Bhagalpur-Delhi. Large number of migrant workforce comes from places such as Gorakhpur, Muzaffarpur, Bhagalpur, Luchnow and Puri.
TOI on September 1 had reported the railways move to introduce around 100 new trains.
Yadav said while the occupancy for the existing 230 special trains was 75% on an average, it has now increased to over 80%. Only in the case of 12 trains, the booking is very low and railways may discontinue services on a few such routes.
On the clone train issue, Yadav said wherever there is a demand for a particular train and wherever the waiting list is long, the railways will run such trains ahead of the actual trains. “These will have lesser stoppages and would cater to the need of passengers travelling for long distances,” he said.


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