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Rain Vs Wife: Man’s Poster Comparing The Two Makes Internet Go ROFL – News18

Rain Vs Wife: Man’s Poster Comparing The Two Makes Internet Go ROFL – News18

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The video has received around 56 million views.

A video is going viral on the internet where a man believes that both rain and wife are similar.

Who doesn’t dream of marriage? Everyone wants a partner in their life who supports them at every step. Similarly, people troubled by heat also want a good amount of rain, hoping the weather changes. Now you must be thinking, what is the relation between rain and wife? Is there any similarity between these two, that we are talking about both of them together? In a similar incident, one such video has recently gone viral of a man who believes that both of them are similar.

In this viral video, a man is holding a poster and slowly walking on the waterlogged roads. Then, he stands at the centre of the road and lifts the poster with the help of his hands. The poster stated, “Rain and wife, looks good at the beginning itself. After that, it’s mud, mud… mud, mud…” The clip also captures the reactions of the people present nearby. After seeing this poster, even the women are unable to stop themselves from laughing.

The video was shared on Instagram with an account named Popper Vishal. So far, this video has received around 56 million views on the social media platform. At the same time, over 1.5 million people have liked this footage. The caption of the video read, “Baarish khich khich.” The video description also mentioned that it is not a reel but real.

The video also garnered several comments, with many dropping the laughing emoji. Many users also said the situation is real, while others said both are necessary for life. Commenting on the video, a user wrote, “Without rain and wife both you will be barren.” Another user said, “Best post ever.” The third user wrote, “Brother, what was the need to get in the water to say this.” A fourth user said, “Love should be true, even lotus blooms in the mud brother.”

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