Raise the anti: Opposition’s duty is to oppose even that which it supported when it wasn’t the Opposition

Two Oppositionwallas – Oppos in short – talking about how best to oppose the government’s proposed farm reforms.

1st Oppo: The best thing the government could have done for the Opposition, for us Oppos, is propose these farm reforms which will enable farmers to sell their produce to whoever gives them the best price instead of being forced to sell what they grow in sarkar-regulated mandis where middlemen keep prices artificially low. There’s just one small thing that bothers me. Before we became Oppos and were the government, didn’t we want these very same farm reforms, and didn’t the then Opposition, which is now the government, oppose those reforms?

2nd Oppo: Of course we did, and of course they did. That’s the thing with democracy: you have to have a popularly elected government and an equally popularly elected Opposition whose duty is to be anti anything the government does, or tries to do, and to oppose it.

1st Oppo: But do we have to oppose what the government is trying to do even if we think that what it’s trying to do is in fact a good thing, and indeed is the very same thing we tried to do when we were the government?

2nd Oppo: That’s when we have to most oppose the government. When we know that what the government’s wanting to do is a good thing, which we ourselves wanted to do, we don’t want the government to succeed in doing it and taking the credit for it and thereby continuing to remain in government.

1st Oppo: I see. So the more we agree with what the government’s trying to do, the greater the vim and vigour with which we must oppose it so that the government can’t take credit for it?

2nd Oppo: Exactly. And when we finally manage to oust the government and become the government ourselves, we can try and do what the previous government was trying to do and which we opposed, and which the previous government, now the Opposition, will then oppose.

1st Oppo: This why democracy is such fun – like a carnival merry-go-round it keeps going in circles….

DISCLAIMER : This article is intended to bring a smile to your face. Any connection to events and characters in real life is coincidental.


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