Rajamouli was insulted at the Oscar Awards?: The last seat given during the event, the furious fans said – only back benchers become winners

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The chest of entire Indians has swelled with pride after RRR’s song Natu-Natu won the Oscar. After about 15 years, such an opportunity has come that an Indian has raised the flag of India on the biggest platform of cinema.

However, a video during the Oscar Awards is going viral, about which Indian fans are expressing their displeasure. In fact, during the event, RRR director SS Rajamouli along with his family was given the back seat. Fans are expressing strong displeasure on this.

People told the academy a lot of lies
As soon as the video went viral, the fans slammed the Academy that organized the Oscars. People slammed the organizers for the seating arrangement. People say that it is disrespectful to have the team of a film whose song has won an Oscar sit in the last row.

Users believe that the Academy knows who is going to win the award, yet they have given the last row seat to the team of RRR, it is really a matter to think about.

Fans said – only back benchers become winners
People have given a lot of reaction in this matter on social media. One user wrote, “The organizers made him (Rajamouli) sit on the exit seat, I bet no one will be able to stop him from sitting on the front seat after the next film.”

At the same time, a user wrote, ‘The one who sits on the last bench becomes the winner.’

There was a protest for calling RRR a Bollywood film
Apart from this, there has been another controversy. In fact, comedian and television host Jimmy Kimmel, who hosted the Oscars, called RRR a Bollywood film during the event. Originally made in Telugu, the fans were very angry when this film was called Bollywood. SS Rajamouli himself said that RRR is a Telugu film.

India dominated the 95th Oscar Awards ceremony
This time India and Bollywood dominated the 95th Oscar Awards ceremony. The song Naatu Naatu from the film RRR won the Best Original Song award while The Elephant Whispers won the Best Documentary Short Film.

India received a total of three nominations at the Oscars. Natu Natu composer MM Keeravani got emotional after winning the award. He said that every Indian was praying that RRR win the Oscars.

First Indian song to win an Oscar
Natu-Natu winning the Oscar is special in many ways because the last time AR Rahman got the Oscar for Best Original Song was in 2008 for the song ‘Jai Ho’ from the film ‘Slumdog Millionaire’. India has received this award after 15 years. The song ‘Jai Ho’ got an Oscar, but it was a British film.

In such a situation, ‘Naatu-Naatu’ is the first such song to get an Oscar, which is from an Indian film. It was picturized on Jr NTR and Ramcharan.

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