Rajasthan’s biggest exam late every time: 5 recruitment exams of RAS were held in 10 years, controversy from paper leak to cutoff

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Rajasthan High Court has canceled the 2021 RAS Pre Exam Result. After which, for the fifth time in a row, the biggest recruitment examination of Rajasthan has come under the scanner. This is not the first case of delay in the recruitment exam giving administrative officers to Rajasthan. From the year 2012 till now, RPSC has conducted the RAS recruitment exam five times. Every time due to the failure of the government system, the recruitment examination has not been completed on time.

Considered to be the most prestigious recruitment of Rajasthan, every time a new controversy arises due to the negligence of RPSC. RPSC has not even tried to find a permanent solution to these disputes till now. In the last 10 years, RPSC has conducted recruitment exams in 2012, 2013, 2016, 2018 and 2021. In which more than 20 lakh candidates appeared for about 4800 posts. Every time every recruitment exam has been completed for two to three years because of government red tape. During these recruitment exams, along with the government, the chairman of RPSC has also changed. But every time due to controversies, RAS recruitment has reached the High Court, and sometimes even the Supreme Court. But the condition of RPSC remains the same. In such a situation, due to non-availability of recruitment on time, even officers of the state are not able to meet on time. Which has a direct impact on administrative work.

The most controversial 2018 RAS recruitment exam

  • On 11 April 2018, the recruitment process for 1017 posts could not be completed for 3 years. The Pre Exam was held on 5th August 2018. After 2 months the result of pre exam was released in October. In which 15,615 candidates were successful. In this, the cut-off for OBC was 99.33 and that of general was 76.06. During this, the extended result was released twice. After which the movement to postpone the examination started as the number of eligible candidates reached 22 thousand. The exam was postponed in January.
  • The main exam of RAS-2018 took place in June 2019. Result released in July 2020. The High Court had stayed the result due to the dispute over the cut-off of General and OBC. The government had to amend the rules of recruitment. After that the result was released. In this, the number of 34 posts was increased. After this the total number of posts has gone up to 1051.
  • Interviews were scheduled from December 14 after the declaration of the result. But a petition was filed in the High Court for issuing separate cut-offs for all the categories and not including double the number of candidates in the interview. Reserving the decision on this, the High Court stayed the interview. After this, the process of interview was completed in July 2021 and the result was released on the evening of July 13.
  • But in this result, Rajasthan Congress State President Govind Singh Dotasara was accused of giving good marks to Samadhi’s son and daughter in the examination. Dotasara’s daughter-in-law’s brother and sister’s numbers were also equal in the recruitment examination. Both got 80 percent marks in the exam. After which protests started across the state regarding the rigging of RAS Recruitment 2018 examination.

Controversy over cutoff in RAS 2016

  • In the year 2016, RAS recruitment was out for 725 posts in Rajasthan. RPSC considered 15 times as qualified for Mains exam against the total number of posts. In this the cutoff of OBC was above normal. OBC candidates up to the cutoff of general were included in the mains. In which additionally 66 included were selected. When the matter reached the High Court, the sword hanged on the selection of 66.
  • After this entire controversy, RPSC filed SLP in the Supreme Court. Because of this, even after the final result was declared on October 17, 2017, the passed candidates were able to get appointment in July 2019.

paper leak controversy

  • RPSC had started the recruitment process for 990 posts in 2013. The recruitment took place on the new pattern and without scaling formula. But this examination could not be completed on time due to paper leak cases. The name of the then RPSC chairman Habib Khan Gauran also appeared in the paper leak case. The pre exam of this recruitment was conducted twice. This recruitment was also completed after about three years in 2017.

Controversy over scalping formula

  • In the year 2012, RAS recruitment exam was conducted for 1106 posts. As a result the scaling formula was applied. Due to which the candidates continuously reached the High Court and Supreme Court. Due to which the candidates of 2012 recruitment examination could not get appointment till 2015.

Controversy increased over syllabus with controversial questions

  • The RAS recruitment process was started in Rajasthan in July 2021 on 988 posts. For which more than 3 lakh 80 thousand candidates had given the exam in October. The result of the pre exam was released in November. In which about 20,000 candidates were selected for the main exam. But the candidates went to the court for wrong answers to 10 questions, after which the court has ordered to re-issue the result of the pre-examination. In such a situation, after the intervention of the court, the date of the main examination to be held on February 25 and 26 has once again been pushed forward.
  • After the 2021 pre exam, RPSC had changed the main exam syllabus. A large number of students and their families across the state were also demanding to extend the date of the main examination. But the government did not extend the date of the main examination. Due to which the controversy escalated and the students started an indefinite fast.

RPSC gives date on date

State President of Rajasthan Unemployed Unified Federation Upen Yadav said that instead of giving employment to RPSC students, the officer gives the date. Not only RAS but every recruitment exam of RPSC has controversies. Because of which the future of the students who have been preparing for years is getting stuck in the balance. In such a situation, the government should improve the working style of RPSC. Along with this, the recruitment examinations which are going to the court. Effective steps should also be taken to stop them.

Exam should be conducted on the lines of UPSC

Educationist Jayanti Lal Khandelwal told that Rajasthan Administrative Service is the biggest and main examination of the state. But for the last many years this exam has not been completed on time. Which not only raises questions on the working style of the RPSC but also the government. In such a situation, the government should improve the working style of RPSC. Along with this, the examination should be completed on the basis of the recruitment calendar prescribed on the lines of UPSC. Only then the lost credibility of RPSC will be able to return again.

Government system troubled

Saroj, who has been preparing for the RAS recruitment exam for the last 3 years, told that I am preparing to leave a private job and join the administrative service. But once again the recruitment process has gone to court. Due to which the hopes of thousands of candidates like me have been dashed. I think the government should reform its system. Because the brunt of the failure of the government system is directly borne by the students.

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