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Rakesh Varre's Action Drama Jithender Reddy To Release On This Date – News18

Rakesh Varre's Action Drama Jithender Reddy To Release On This Date – News18

Jithender Reddy is directed by Virinchi Varma.

The movie Jithender Reddy is based on real-life events from the 1980s.

Jithender Reddy is an upcoming action drama movie helmed by Virinchi Varma who gained immense fame and recognition as a director with movies like Uyyala Jampala and Majnu. It stars Rakesh Varre as the protagonist. The makers recently shared the release date of the movie which has caused much excitement among the cine-goers.

The movie, Jithender Reddy is touted to be an action drama which is based on real-life events from the 1980s. The first-look posters which were released sometime back have already left the audience intrigued, now they can rejoice as the movie is slated to hit the silver screens on May 3.

As per reports, the director on this occasion talked about the excitement among the viewers ever since the announcement of the movie. He said, “Ever since the title Jithender Reddy was decided, the audience’s interest in the movie has been increasing. The first look of Rakesh Varre has also generated good hype. Rakesh Varre will gain recognition as an action hero with this film.”

Virinchi Varma shared that the movie is based on real events from the 80s in Jagtial, Karimnagar District of Telangana. The movie was screened for a few prominent individuals, whose suggestions and facts were added to the movie. The director promised to deliver “interesting teasers, trailers and promotions”.

Speaking about the title of the movie- Jithender Reddy, the producer of the project, Muduganti Ravinder Reddy said, “The title Jithender Reddy is in itself very powerful.” He stated that many have lauded the making of a realistic and action-packed movie. He added that despite Rakesh Varre’s busy schedule with his production house, he worked quite hard and with utmost enthusiasm. He praised the director’s storytelling skills and called it “excellent” and also mentioned that it does not offend anyone. “We made this movie intending to highlight Jithender Reddy’s service to society. We are presenting the real incidents in its true form,” Reddy further said.

Rakesh Varre who will be headlining the movie, is highly acclaimed for his performances in films such as Baahubali and Evvarikee Cheppoddu and also is the producer for Peka Medalu.

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